PESHAWAR, November 26: The Investigation Wing of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police says that terrorism incidents have decreased up to seven percent but target killings haveincreased in 2014 as compared to preceding year.

According to a report issued for the year 2013-14, around 468 terrorist attacks took place last year in the province, while 438 cases of militancy have been recorded this year.

Likewise, 18 suicide attacks happened last year whilst the figure reduced to 10 in the current year. In addition, the rate of casualties due to bomb explosions has also lessened up to 50 percent.

While 113 incidents of target killing took place last year, about 130 such incidents have been recorded this year, the report says.

It was also mentioned that the police had arrested about 174 militants and defused hundreds of suicide jackets and bombs in the current year. Also, about 25 militants have been killed so far this year.

The report adds that about 80 captives have been released and 193 kidnappers and 287 extortionists put behind bars in 2014.


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