PESHAWAR: The KP information Commission (KPIC) in collaboration with KP Board of Information Technology has taken effective measures to put (E-RTI) system on rails so as to facilitate the citizens for getting information from public bodies of Peshawar District through E-mail.

Following a note moved by the Chief Information Commissioner, KPIC, the Chief Secretary issued directions to all heads of public bodies of district Peshawar to respond to the information requests of citizens who use E-RTI web portal.

Likewise details of the pending E-RTI requests with the PIOs of public bodies were also communicated by the KPIC to the respective administrative secretaries. Details like lists of PIOs, user name, User guide and video tutorial Links were also sent to the concerned public bodies for their queries. In addition to this, a number of fresh PIOs were imparted trainings by the KPIC on the use of E-RTI web portal.

In addition to this, a training manual and a video tutorial of the web portal was recently developed by the IT Board which has been duly uploaded on the Commission’s official website. This not only helps the citizens in using the web portal but also facilitates the Public Information Officers (PIOs) in responding to citizens requests.

Steps taken by the KPIC have started to yield results and the PIOs are now responding the RTI requests of citizens made to them through E-RTI web portal.

Close monitoring mechanism by the IT Section of the KPIC will not further improve the system but help in achieving the objective of digitization of RTI process as part of e-governance initiative of the provincial government.

Till date a total of 445 E-RTI requests have been responded by the PIOs. Steps shall be taken in the near future for extension of the web portal to other districts of the KP.


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