KP plans to allocate 70 percent of education budget to girl's education

PESHAWAR: Advisor to Chief Minister on Elementary and Secondary Education, Zia Ullah Bangash has said that the provincial government plans to allocate 70 per cent of its educational development budget to girl’s education.

Bangash was addressing a pre-budget seminar organized by Blue Veins, a non-governmental organization here at a local hotel. The Parliamentarians, key government officials, Academia, Human Rights activists and others attended the event.

Bangash on this occasion said, “The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government is committed to promoting girl’s education.” He added, “Every three new schools being established in KP, two being set up for girl’s 65-70 per cent budget utilization of the budget 2019-2020 will be on girl’s education.”

It was shared that KP province has allocated the highest amount for education year marking 21.2 per cent of the total budget followed by Sindh with 19.4 percent and Punjab 17.5 percent for the financial year 2017-18

Shaukat Yousafzai information Minister KP said that we must approach a Sustainable Development Goals, with a clear direction, a sense of purpose, and strong resolve. Yousafzai added that not only has the expansion of primary and secondary education been linked to accelerated economic growth, poverty eradication, and improved income equality, but education also appears to be closely associated with social enrichment and inclusion.

The Pre-Budget Seminar calls for a change of approach in economic matters and making education a priority. It was highlighted that free and compulsory education for all children without any discrimination from age 5 to 16 is a constitutional right of every child in Pakistan and special legislation in provinces and federal capital further emphasizes the needs and makes it a priority for provincial and federal governments.

Shagufta Malik Member of the Provincial Assembly from Awami National Party (ANP), who has also presented asking the government to increase the budget allocations for girl’s education in the province, emphasized achieving the goal of educating girls should be our national priority.


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