BLOG:KP To Export 80,000 Donkeys Per Year To China

Tayyeb Afridi
Tayyeb Afridi
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Tayyeb Afridi

The donkey will be expensive and attractive in coming days in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) because the Government has worked out a plan to sign a $ 02 billion contract with Chinese companies in order to export donkeys. After the deal, the donkey price will jump and will be somewhere between Rs. 50,000 and 60,000.

Interestingly, the previous Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) government had introduced this idea of donkey business during China Road Show. But for some reason, they were shy away to claim it in media. However, the livestock department later said that Chinese companies itself approached the KP government for donkey business and they opted to do this business only with Chinese’ state owned companies.

The Chinese companies had already done this sort of business with Tanzanians government. After few years, the donkeys vanished from country on bigger scale as there was no plan to breed it for export. That is the reason, the KP Government will keep a parallel process of artificial insemination to breed donkeys so that it doesn’t disrupt the ratio of donkeys in the province. The donkey farms will be established in Peshawar, Mansehra, and Dera Ismail Khan.

Donkey is considered wise and a hard skinned animal that lives up to 25 years and it reaches to maturity level in two years.Beside its meat, bones, skin, and other parts are being used in cosmetics, medicines, and other decoration pieces. And its milk can be used in shampoos and beauty soaps. After breeding in farms every year, the government has planned to export only 80,000-tagged animals in strict supervision to control smuggling.

In general, people consider this precious animal useless but in reality the case is otherwise. According to a survey, almost 70,000 families’ livelihood is connected with donkeys. And there are approximately 0.5 million donkeys, which are used in rural and urban regions of the province, in farming, kiln, transportation and as donkey cart.

As per my knowledge few Pakistani well established firms have also shown interest in this profitable business. Two weeks ago, I was roaming in Peshawar fruit mandi to meet donkey cart owners. They were amazed and thrilled when I broke this news of exporting donkeys to china in very near future.