Eunuchs and civil society members holding demonstration for the rights of transgender population. – Photo by Usman Khan

PESHAWAR, 20 November: The transgender community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa held protest and a press conference for their rights on Friday.

President of She Mail Association Farzana, other eunuchs and civil society representatives attended the press conference at Peshawar Press Club. They said the houses of eunuchs were damaged in the 26 October earthquake in Mansehra and Swat districts, but the government and non-government organisations did not extend any assistance to them. They said they are facing many hardships after not getting any assistance after failing to get any assistance. They said the aid agencies have been failed to address the immediate needs of the transgender population.

The speakers said the United Nations agencies and disaster management authorities need to show sensitivity towards the need of transgender population being equal citizens of Pakistan.

Farzana told TNN that she was facing problems in getting national identity card. She said the government has not fulfilled its promises with the transgender population. She said the eunuchs will be compelled to stage sit-ins for their rights if the government did not fulfil their demands.

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