By Anwar Shah Orakzai

PESHAWAR, 25 November: The political administration of Kurram Agency has imposed ban on national identity cards and domicile certificates of Khoidad Khel tribesmen for what it called creating hurdles in execution of developmental projects.

According to local elders of the tribe the political administration has imposed ban on their documents for the last six months due to which they had been facing problems.

“We have opposed the provision of electricity to Wazir tribesmen living in Palosin area because they are settled on our land,” said Malik Gul Hasan, a leader of the Khoidad Khel tribesmen living in Dol Ragha, while talking to TNN.

On the other hand, the Khoidad Khel tribesmen living in Chinarak, Zawa, Dumbaki and Mundan areas said they had no enmity with the Wazirs of Palosin. “Even then the political administration has discontinued our incentives and put a ban on our domiciles and other documents under the collective responsibility clause of FCR due to which we are facing problems for the last six months,” a tribal elder told TNN.

“Our students could not get admissions in colleges due to a ban on domiciles. Whereas, a large number of people missed their visas as they had no national ID cards,” they complained.

The tribesmen threatened they would block the Tall road if the administration did not lift the ban.



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