SADDA, 14 November:The political administration of Kurram Agency has released five million rupees for developmental schemes in Bagan Bazar, said an official of the administration.

It has also announced to construct a sports stadium and two rooms in the areas high school, the official added for which a separate tender would be issued.

The development fund will be utilized to build pavements and drains in the bazaar.

Welcoming the release of developmental funds by the local administration, the residents of Bagan said the administration had taken this initiative after a long time.

Talking to TNN, one Muqeesh Khan, who is a teacher in Bagan High School, “We were facing acute shortage of classrooms in the school as we have a very big strength of students. Construction of new classrooms will solve the problem to a great extent”. He said the residents of Bagan were thankful to the administration for the developmental schemes and hoped that it would continue releasing more funds in future.He said there is shortage of primary schools in Bagan. The local administration should also take notice of this, added Muqeesh.



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