Lawyers convention slams reference filed against Justice Faes Isa

PESHAWAR: The all Pakistan lawyers convention has demanded the government to withdraw references filed against the Supreme Court judge Justice Faez Isa and Sindh High Court judge Justice K.K Agha here on Saturday.

The Lawyers convention was organized by Pakistan Supreme Court bar, Peshawar high court Bar association, Pakistan Bar Association and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Association at Peshawar high court in which lawyers from across the country participated.

While addressing the gathering, Abdul Latif Afridi, the president of Peshawar High Court bar association said that the convention is not against any institution but it has been arranged for the Supremacy of law and independence of the judiciary in the country. “The references against senior judges have not been filled in good faith, we want its withdrawal at once,” Afridi demanded. “We want the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary,” he added.

The President of PHCBA association said that the currently the judiciary is under severe pressure. He added that the lawyers across the country have to come together to fight for the freedom of Judiciary. He expressed the hope that the Supreme Judicial Council will discard the references filed by the federal government against both the judges.

The former president of Supreme Court Bar Association Yasin Azad said that the if Supreme Judicial council granted verdict against the two judges, it will have very negative impacts on the freedom of judiciary.  He asked the federal law minister to work for strengthening the institutions instead of filling references against judges.

Hamid Khan, the former president of Supreme Court Bar Association said that the lawyers in Peshawar have taken the first step of bringing together lawyers from across the country. Hamid Khan added that it is a good omen for Supremacy of Judiciary. He added that the government wouldn’t have been able to file references against the judges if lawyers have shown unity when the action was taken against the former Islamabad High Court Judge Shaukat Siddiqui.