Eman Jamil

PESHAWAR: The nation is going to enthusiastically celebrate the upcoming Independence Day, by flag-waving, playing trumpets and songs in full volume on roads, decorating cars with national colour or messages of patriotism.

The independent nation has every right to celebration of their independence of any responsibility of citizenship, of humanity and above-all of their existence on the planet earth. The commendable freedom of our political leaders from setting directions; encouraging strategic thinking; exhibiting unyielding faith in themselves, their vision and their purpose; paving ways for their followers fearlessly with several sacrifices; staying truthful and just, empathetic and optimistic; the freedom of our bureaucrats and policy-makers from taking the responsibilities of designing workable, inclusive and effective policies, smoothly administering the set-policies, protecting the nation from corruption and unlawfulness; the freedom of religious leaders from preaching the tolerance and acceptance of diversity through the teaching of the Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnah; the freedom of parents from indoctrinating cultural, religious and societal values and norms in their off-springs needed to make them sensiblehumans; the freedom of our teachers from the liability to emphasize on character-building of youth and produce inspiring scholars who can excel in the fields of art, technology, medical etc; and the freedom of our youth from learning new skills, taking responsibility of uplifting the economy of our nation, indulgence in healthy politics and much more-these all need a big celebration!

Pakistan came into existence on August 14th, 1947 and after few years with the loss of great leaders, the nation has started leaving no-stone unturned to undo it, but God has own ways to keep our country protected. Almost all of us together, are though involved in going against the will of God through the ungrateful attitudes by promoting nepotism, corruption, unlawfulness, denied or delayed justice, coercive control, displaying undue influence and the subsequent mental slavery. The festivity of independence is a must for us hailing from the denial of the mental captivity we all are suffering from either in the form of following a different culture self-evident from the recent Lux Style Award Show with our TV and Film Industry Actors seen in the outfits copied from the other industries, from the ostentatious life styles of our (lower and middle class) families inspired from the glamour shown on media, the beauty hacks for skin whitening; matter-of-fact denying our identities, the bulk of wannabe youth, and most commonly the need-based use of religion card.

The independence in Pakistan is going through huge celebrations in various ways which can fundamentally cause trouble to others by filling the air with unwanted noise near the health care units and by filling the roads with torn-out national flags for sweepers to clean; what an independence from the responsibility of “unity, faith and discipline”. The nation needs to understand the call for revision of certain practices for celebration as from getting a flag to planting a tree for future of the earth and our country, raising the slogans on roads to taking-up the cleanliness or blood-donation drives, from harassing women on road to respecting all gender – but alas! The nation needs to celebrate its freedom from constructivism.

The great leaders of the nation, their souls must be restless to find-out the incompetence of ingrate people for whom they earned this beautiful land. It is not a person, a group, but us all as a nation who is into the capricious ways of living, with brazenly conditional emotions and unscrupulous natures. From ethical, religious, moral to financial corruption, each of us is taking part as much as we have the limits. The profound corruption is not possible for a leader to come and eliminate from the system, its knots are stiff and the loops are tangled; only collective efforts can help loosening it. Yet, the nation needs to enjoy the Independence Day for their freedom from the responsibility by blaming it on others! The unending blame-game clearly shows our state of denial from our transformation from the earthy world and accountability with those who cannot be bribed, influenced or tricked. Each one of us is under the impression of getting immortalization on the earth and is trying to compete with the Mightier by clearly moving astray forgetting that both the righteous and the transgressors end-up under soil or in fire.

Undeniable, no life has survived on earth since its existence; how many of us remember about our great-grand parents? How long do we expect to be remembered after our death by our generations? Then could we all on the up-coming Independence Day be more concerned about living and our transformation to life here-after with dignity? Could we take the responsibility of making the great leaders of Pakistan rest in peace by unitedly moving towards a purpose of curbing the evil of corruption and nepotism from our institutions? Could we help one-another stand in our combined efforts towards a common goal of prosperous and developed Pakistan? Could we understand and follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and spread love for humanity of earth? Could we also overcome our greed and lust and divide the available resources equally?

Let us celebrate the Impendence Day with our freedom from the fears of worldly desires, or the “corrupt officers”, the “abusers and molesters” and the “immoral leaders.” The more enslaved we become to the system, the stronger roles we are playing to join hands with transgressors and let the wrongdoing happen, yet there would be an end to it all one day! Let’s break the shackles of mental slavery and be conscientious citizens of Pakistan with upright sense of morality and ethics. A big cheers to the Independence Day with a sense of responsibility to make this land a land of peace and love!!!


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