MALAM JABBA, 14 August: Asmat Ali , a resident of Malam Jabba area of Swat, who has won 35 prizes in skiing, is selling tea and pikoras nowadays due to lack of support from the government.

Malam Jabba, which lies 9,000 feet above the sea level, is famous in the world for its natural beauty and cold weather. A large number of people from different parts of the country come to Malam Jabba for skiing every year after snowfall. However, the local talent Asmat Ali, who has won so many titles in this unique sport, is leading a miserable life and selling tea and pikoras to make ends meet.

“I am expert in skiing and I have special skills in snowball. I have won cups and medals in skating and roller skates,” Asmat Ali told TNN.

He said he loves skiing from his childhood and he has so far won 35 skiing competitions which include eight gold medals on national level. He said his family is facing financial problems and he has no other option but to sell tea to earn livelihood for the family.

“The government should take steps for development of the sport by providing financial assistance to sportsmen like me for participation in larger competitions of skiing on international level,” Asmat Ali said.

He said he is capable of bringing laurels for the country on the international level in this sport if he gets sponsorship.