TIMERGARA, 23 May: Players of 14 sports clubs of the constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister of Finance Muzaffar Said in Lower Dir have threatened boycotting the upcoming local government elections.

They also held a protest demonstration in Bandgai area yesterday. Talking to TNN, president of the Bandgai Cricket Club, Imran Saleem, said during the election campaign in 2013 the finance minister had promised that a sports complex would be constructed in Lower Dir besides local players would be provided with sports kits. But so far the minister failed to honour his promise, adversely affecting the local sports talent, he said.

“Despite the lapse of over two years, neither we’ve a ground nor were sports kits provided to local players. If our demands were not met by 30th May, we will not exercise our right to vote [in protest against provincial finance minister],” he threatened.


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