BARA, November 11: The authorities in Khyber Agency have asked Malikdikhel and Sipah tribes to vacate the area within 24 hours.

Political authorities say the security forces have decided to launch a clean-up operation against militants in these areas and that they asked the residents to leave the area in order to minimise collateral damage.

The administration says the Sipah tribesmen had been waned two weeks ago to leave the area but that certain families were not willing to leave the area.

According to the FATA Disaster Management Authority, about 165,000 people had left Bara tehsil during the Operation Khyber-1 so far, while total population of the area is  about 300,000. The administration has set up camps in Togh Serai area of Hangu, Ring Road in Peshawar and Jalozai in Nowshera district for the displaced families. Each displaced family is given 2,000 rupees and transportation charges at the camps.


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