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HANGU: Mamozai youth committee in a press conference asked the federal government to expedite efforts to send back Internally Displaced Persons to their native areas otherwise they will start a protest movement.

They were addressing a press conference at Hangu press club on Friday.

They added promises were made with the IDPs of Mamozai tribe but were never fulfilled and the families are still languishing in the IDP camp and asked the government to stop playing with their families.

Chairman of the committee Bilal Khan Orakzai, Its president Muhammad Nakeer and members Haji Asam Uddin Orakzai, Esa Khan Orakzai, Ajmeer Orakzai, Hayat Orakzai were present during the press conference. They lamented that they have been living in the IDPs camps for the last ten years while the government has never taken any serious efforts for their return to their native land. “We will no more accept the violations of IDPs rights,” said Bilal Orakzai.

Bilal Khan Orakzai said that they have met with the officials of FATA disaster management authority (FDMA) and the FATA Secretariat to solve the issues and stop the violation of Mamozai tribe rights but got no positive response.

They warned the government of protest movement against the government if their issues were not resolved on time and they were not sent back to their native areas.

The repatriation process of Mamozai tribe of Orakzai, who were displaced in Operation Khyber-1, has started in May 2018. A total of 17 tribes of Orakzai Agency have already returned, however, the repatriation of Mamozai tribe was pending due to security concerns.

These people were displaced from their homes due to Operation Khyber-1 in 2009. These people were living in Hangu, Kohat and Fateh Jang after displacement from their native areas. The Fata Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) officials said every returning family will receive Rs35,000 return package, free ration for six months and tents.

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