MARDAN: A man allegedly shot his mother over a petty issue in Peerano Daag area of Takht Bhai tehsil of Mardan on Tuesday morning, police said.

Police have arrested the accused along with the weapon used for the heinous crime.

In a separate incident in Peshawar, a man was shot dead in Gur Mandi area by unknown armed men.

Police said fifty-year-old Waheed Gul, who was a resident of Zargarabad area, was shot dead in Gur Mandi on Tuesday. The assailants fled the scene after committing the murder. Police are conducting raids to arrest the culprits.

Laiba murder case

Mardan Police have arrested 14 persons, including school teachers and students, in connection with probe into the murder of ninth grade student of Working Folks Grammar School and College Laiba Irshad.

On Thursday, Laiba was going for a tuition class along with her younger brother Ilyas when she was shot dead by unknown armed man near Takht Bhai High School. A police team was formed to investigate the matter after the incident, which has arrested 14 suspects, including teachers and students, and shifted them to an undisclosed location for interrogation. Police claims that they have identified the culprit and they will present him before the media soon.

Three days ago, the students and teachers of Working Folks Grammar School and College and local people staged protest for the arrest of the culprit behind the murder of Laiba. The protest ended after assurance by police to arrest the culprit soon.

Man kills younger brother

In another incident in Nowshera, a man allegedly shot dead his younger brother over a property dispute in Nowshera on Monday.

TNN correspondent reported that 25-year-old Muhammad Jalal wanted to sell the property from his share and he had also made a deal with a party for this purpose. However, his elder brother Muhammad Bilal was against the selling of property. On Monday, both the brothers exchanged hot words after which Bilal opened fire on Jalal due to which he died.

The alleged killer fled the scene, while police filed a report of the incident on complaint of mother of the deceased. The body of the deceased was handed over to heirs after post mortem.


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