TORGHAR: A long-forgotten language known as ‘Makiali’ which is spoken at a village in Dana Village in Torghar district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, got recognized internationally.

Mankiali language has been added in Ethnologue; languages of the world, which is an encyclopedia reference work cataloging all of world’s 7097 known living languages. The Ethnologue is intended to be used as a catalogue that provides summary data of identified languages.

Makiali is only spoken at a village that is located in far flung areas Torghar. The locals of the village reported that around 450-500 people knows how to speak Mankiali.

Ethnologue had 7096 languages from across the globe, however, with the addition of Mankiali, it has ascended to 7097.

A report was issued by BBC, that stated that the Mankiali language had no name and only a few families knew the origin of this language. The nearby areas people had known this language as Tarawara or Tarawari.

The ethnologue has classified it as Indo-European, Indo Aryan, outer languages or Northwestern language. It has also associated it with Northern Hindko.

In this regard, expert Dr. Uzma Anjum stated that all the requirements of this language has been fulfilled to be added in the ethnologue.

The requirement of language addition to ethnologue is research on a certain language and then a request is made to the officials of ethnologue through an email. Then the department issues an ISO number, thus, the language is added in it.

In this matter, Dr. Sadaf Manshi who studied from Northern Texas University helped in making a documentary on this’s language origin.

Dana Village is located amidst snow-caped mountains of Torghar and Mansehra, district of Khyber Pakhtinkhwa.

The locals of Dana informed that there was no roads constructed in the region thus the area was far away to reach, however, after the construction of roads, people have access to meet those living in Dana.

The residents of Dana believe that the reason why people were surprised about knowing this language is that they had no idea about the existence of village Dana.

According to Ethnologue, the language is going through a phase of extinction. In this regard, Muhammad Pervez whose native language is Mankiali, told that the language will fade away after two generations as there are a lot of cross-cultural marriages in this area.

However, Dr Uzma Anjum showed hope over this matter and stated that the locals of Dana will have to protect their language and they are only ones who can keep this precious cultural asset safe.