CHITRAL, 18 December: Several people of Chitral affected by the recent flash flood are still waiting for the government help.

Kargun and Chonech areas of Upper Chitral, which are situated along the river, were badly affected in the flash flood. A house owned by a disabled family near the river was also washed away in the flood and now the family is reconstructing the house on self-help basis. The affected family members said no one from the government came to them to enquire their wellbeing.

People of the area while talking to TNN called upon the government to construct protective dykes at the river banks to save the local population from flood damages. They said the river may cause further damages in future if dykes were not constructed in time.

“It is feared that our villages will be washed away in the next flood if dykes were not constructed on the river banks. No one has come to our village to enquire about the condition of flood affected people,” a local resident said.

Another resident said flood is causing damages in the area for the last two years. He demanded the government to take measures to save the area from further flood damages in the future.


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