MARDAN: Police arrested on Friday one of the culprits who beaten and injured a stage actress in Mardan after the district police chief took notice of a video she uploaded.

District Police Officer Wahid Mehmud directed concerned police to arrest the culprit immediately after which a team was constituted. It conducted a rain on house of Munsif in Sheikh Maltoon Town and arrested him. Munsif is friend of Murad, Neelum’s husband.

Singer-cum-stage actress Neelum Gul, in a video message that gone viral on social media, the victims, claimed that her husband Murad along with friends Munsif came and attempted to strangle her to death.

She, while carrying bruises on her face and crying, said that she had done everything what her husband demanded but now when she stopped giving him her hard-earned money he started torturing her.

“I have performed in shows in Dubai and elsewhere wherever he asked me, I supported him financially and he spent lavishly what I earned,” she said.

She added that she has been tortured for last four years but she kept silence, hoping that he would realize one day his unkind behavior.

She said that her husband tried to strangle her to death but she escaped and appealed Chief Justice of Pakistan to provide her protection against her husband as he and his friends threatened to kill her.

Few days ago, a singer and stage actress Resham was allegedly killed by her husband in Nowshera.