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Five women have been murdered in three separate incidents in Mardan district in a week.

Police data showed that three of them fallen prey to domestic violence while two others to honor killing.

According to police, in one incident which took place in Sarikh Killay area, accused Rehmatullah murdered his wife and aunt in the name of honor.

Details obtained from the relevant police station showed that the accused managed to escape from the scene. Police has registered double murder case against the accused.

The second incident took place in the Khas Degankhel area in the Par Hoti police precincts. Complainant Muhammad Yaseen told police that his brother in law has murdered his two sisters over some domestic dispute. The accuse Sher Ali was married to Mr Yaseen sister. Another of Mr Yaseen’s sister was married to the accused elder brother.

Inspector Mira Khan, investigation officer at Par Hoti police station told TNN that initial investigation showed both the accused and his wife always used to quarrel. He said that the night before the murder, they had fight, and the slain was trying to go to her parents home.

Inspector Khan said that police was investigating the case to unearth the real motive behind the murder.

The third incident of murder took place in Safiabad area of Lundkhwar police station where a husband murdered his wife.

Women rights activists weigh in about the murders

Nusrat Ara, a women rights activist in Mardan regretted the murders and said that only females are murdered on the name of honor. “Males is equally guilty as the female in such cases,” she said.

She said that women were often killed for honor which was later disguised as domestic violence or suicide. “Investigations in such cases was very poor, which was leading into increasing cases of violence against women,” she said.

Ms Ara said that state should play its role in stemming the tide of killing of women. “Those accused of killing women shall be punished after proper investigations,” she said.

She said early age marriages also lead to problems in later stage of marriage life. “Most of the young brides fail to live up to expectations of their husbands,” she said. This leads to domestic violence, she added.

Shad Begum, another woman rights activist that up to a 1,000 women were murdered for honor each year. “These are only reported figures and we do not have real figures about the issue,” she regretted.

She said many of those killed in the name of honor were never reported, while families also paint such killings in another color.

Ms Shad said that the country has the best law which was not being implemented.

She said that there were no statistics available regarding the honor killings in the country. “Relevant agencies should work on them,” she said.

Good policies could not be formulated in the absence of real data which in turn will also deny justice to many of the victim, she added.



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