BARA, 26 September: The markets, roads and bus stands which were closed in Shalobar area of Bara in Khyber Agency due to law and order issues seven years ago will be opened today (Tuesday).

Sepah tribe’s chief Said Marjan said a Qaumi Jirga held a meeting with the political administration and security forces officials on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by Political Tehsildar Ghuncha Gul, Line Officer Akbar Afridi, security forces officers and representatives of trade union. The Jirga decided to open five markets in the old bazaar of Shalobar, shops in Niazi Market in Bar Kambarkhel, pick up stands in Nawia Kamar, Malikdinkhel and Kamarkhel and link road.

The Jirga asked the transporters to shift their bus stands from Batatal area of Peshawar to their location in Bara immediately. The transporters who will not abide by the orders will face jail and fine.

Bara Bazaar was completely closed in 2009 during military operation in the area and subsequent displacement of local people. A part of the bazaar was opened last year, while the said markets remained closed due to security concerns.