PESHAWAR: The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) on Thursday approved a project to establish a communication and social media cell for publicity of Accelerated Implementation Programme (AIP) and launching mass awareness campaigns in merged tribal districts.

The meeting approved several projects for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, particularly the merged districts. A project to upgrade 70 primary schools to the middle level, 70 middle schools to high level, and 70 high schools to higher secondary level was approved to improve the standard of education and accommodate more students who are left out of admissions. This project is also likely to create a lot of job opportunities for teachers.

Besides upgradation of schools, construction of 100 new primary schools and reconstruction of damaged schools in merged areas was also approved. Reconstruction of another 300 schools on need basis across KP was also approved.

The PDWP also approved a project to establish food grain warehouses and silos in tribal districts under the AIP. A project to build de-radicalisation and rehabilitation centres in merged districts including a de-radicalisation centre in Ujala, Jandola and a de-radicalisation centre Sabaoon-II was approved.

The feasibility study for establishment of a Construction Machinery Training Institute and a project for economic growth and jobs creation through technical and financial assistance (ERKF model) was also approved. In the multi-sectoral development sector, the Fata Water Resources Development Project (FWRDP) was approved.

Projects for the construction and rehabilitation of road networks in Darra Adamkhel, replacement of steel bridges installed by the Pakistan Army with RCC pre-stressed bridges in merged areas also got approval in the forum.

A feasibility study was approved for construction and establishment of two truck terminals in tribal districts.

The Peshawar Schools Development Plan was also approved during the meeting.

The construction and improvement of the drainage system, channels, canals, ponds, roads, bridges, culverts and flood protection works in Nowshera got approval.

Construction of 20 small dams in KP was also approved. The revised plan for construction of the Bada Dam in Swabi was also approved.

Components of two USAID-supported Fata Infrastructure Project (FIP-QIPs) were approved, including the appointment of consultant for design and engineering services and construction of supervision services. Under the relief and rehabilitation sector, a project to set up KP Emergency Services Academy at Shahkas in Khyber tribal district was approved.

Construction of the 4.5km link road to Lower and Upper Kanigurram Baba Sar to Salarogha and construction of a 5km blacktopped road from Baizai to Tangi Budinzai up to Larima with a link road to Ladha Pet Welai Road in South Waziristan also got approval.



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