PESHAWAR, 10 May: Closure of the main gate of the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) has confronted the owners of the medical stores and those visiting hospitals to inquire after the patients with a numbers of problems.

The owners of the medical stores say that closure of the biggest tertiary care hospital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has not only created problems for the attendants of the patients but also adversely affected their business. They set a 72-hour deadline for the acceptance of their demand otherwise they would go on a shutter-down strike.

“Earlier [when the main gate was not closed] it would take us hardly five minutes to take our patients to OPD [Outpatient Department) or to a ward of the hospital. Now it takes half-an-hour. If they closed the hospital gate on Khyber Bazaar-end, the hospital administration is planning, it will mount pressure on the main gate and in emergencies anybody could enter into the hospital which is extremely dangerous for the hospital security,” says one of the attendants.

On the other hand, spokesman of the hospital said that the main gate was closed as per the directions of the government because unhindered movement of people on this gate would create problems for patients. He added that the entry and exit gates of the hospital remain opened round the clock.


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