WANA: The Mehsud tribe of South Waziristan tribal district has said it will boycott the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan if he kept his visit confined to the areas of Wazir tribe only.

This announcement was made at a Jirga of three sub-tribes of Mehsud tribe at Political Compound in Tank on Friday. Participants of the meeting said that the last time, the prime minister visited the areas of Wazir tribe and ignored the areas of Mehsud tribe, and if he repeated the same this time, then Mehsud tribe will boycott the visit. The Jirga also announced that in case of a boycott, no person from Mehsud tribe will attend the public meeting. It said if any member of the tribe violated the Jirga decision, then he will face fine of Rs500,000 and he will also be expelled from the area.

The people of Mehsud tribe complain that officials always give more attention to the areas inhabited by Wazir tribe and conduct visits to Wana and other Wazir tribe areas, while they ignore the problems of the areas inhabited by Mehsud tribe. They say their area still lags behind in development and people don’t have the basic facilities of life due to their attitude of the government.

The tribal elders at the Jirga reminded that Mehsud tribe offered countless sacrifices in the war against terrorism. They said despite many sacrifices and incurring losses more than anyone else, the Mehsud tribe people are being overlooked, which is a matter of grave concern. They demanded the prime minister to address the public meeting during his visit in the areas of Mehsuds. They said they will never attend the public meeting if it was held in the area of Wazir tribe.

Local sources said the leadership of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is concerned over this announcement by the elders of Mehsud tribe. The sources said now the PTI leadership is considering the option of arranging two separate public meetings in the areas of Wazirs and Mehsuds.

The warning by Mehsud tribe came on the same day during which Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Orakzai tribal district and addressed a massive public gathering there.


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