WANA: Mehsud tribe elders set up a protest camp at the FC ground, outside the Deputy commissioner Compound on Saturday asking the government to release compensation amount for the reconstruction of militancy-hit houses.

The protestors said that the survey for the war-hit houses was carried out three days back but they have not been provided with any compensation for the reconstruction due to which they are forced to live in tents as they have no resources to construct their houses destroyed during the wars against militancy.

The tribal elders said that the Mehsud tribe people have offered numerous sacrifices – they have abandoned their houses and other properties that were destroyed but now the federal and provincial governments aren’t even serious in addressing their issues and to help them reconstruct their houses.

They lamented that when the war was launched in their area they were made homeless and have passed lives in the camps for almost 12 years. And now, they have to set up protest camps to press the government to get their compensation which is their basic rights.

They maintained that earlier they have also staged protests for getting compensation, but they were only deceived by the government.

They called upon the government to take steps for the rehabilitation of the displaced people as they had offered many sacrifices for the country. They have warned the government that they will set here in the protest until the government accepts their demand and release the compensation for the construction of their houses.

Mehsud said that their fellow tribes had agreed to the demands of the government by vacating houses in 2009 after the Pakistan Army launched a massive operation against terrorists in South Waziristan district. The current maximum amount of compensation for a fully destroyed house stands at Rs400,000 and Rs160,000 for a partially damaged house.

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