When will displaced Kokikhel tribesmen get TDPs status?

JAMRUD: The people affected from militancy in Kokikhel area of Tirah, Khyber Agency, have called upon the government to provide them a relief package like the affectees of other areas of FATA.

The demand was made at a Jirga of Kokikhel tribe elders headed by Malik Naseer Ahmed in Jamrud on Monday. Participants of the Jirga said peace returned to their area after sacrifices of the Pakistan Army. However, they said the affectees of Kokikhel tribe in Tirah are still facing a lot of hardships despite restoration of peace.

The elders asked the government to give them compensation for damaged houses, food items and other equipment required for sustaining life after militancy. They criticised the administration of Jamrud for not selecting an office for the FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) so far. They said they will hold a follow-up Jirga on the issue on next Monday.

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