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PESHAWAR: “The coronavirus vaccine is not in its ideal shape at this point and the people have got severe side effects after getting vaccinated,” says Farah Khan, a resident of Nowshera, who is sacred about the vaccine as she thinks it is not going to do any good to her body and may prove counterproductive.

Many people in the country do not trust the vaccines and they remain highly concerned about the side effects. According to the report published by Gallup Pakistan, 49 percent of the population in Pakistan is reluctant to get vaccinated even if the vaccine is offered free of cost.

Pakistan has so far introduced five types of corona vaccines including Sinopharm, Cansino, Sinovac, Sputnik, and AstraZeneca, all free of cost. Such vaccines are prepared from dormant corona which works by mimicking the infectious bacteria or virus that causes the disease to stimulate our immune systems and build up resistance.

To end the pandemic, it is required that a huge portion of the world population is safe or immune from the infection. The most secure approach to accomplish it is with an immunization/vaccination. Vaccines are innovative that humankind has regularly depended on in the past to cut down the loss of life, but the negative attitudes towards vaccines and reluctance to get vaccination are main obstructions to dealing with the pandemic in the long term.

Such attitudes of distrust towards vaccination were higher amongst individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, with lower levels of education, lower annual income, and poor knowledge of the pandemic.

Various people have concerns about corona inoculation, and a few groups do not have any desire to get immunized while some consider it excessive.

A citizen from Peshawar said while talking to TNN that he had experienced the disease last month and now he needs not bother with immunization for it. He said we may not be able to start doing things that we have stopped because of the pandemic.

“It’s important to talk with reluctant friends and family about the need for everyone to get vaccinated so that we could get rid of the pandemic,” said Shafiullah Khan, the resident of Nowshera.

Though there are some side effects of corona vaccines, but such effects are normal signs that one’s body is building protection and should go away within few days, Shafiullah said.

Vaccines train our immune system to recognize the targeted virus and create anti-bodies to fight the disease without getting the disease itself. After vaccination the body is prepared to battle the infection if it is subsequently presented to it, thereby preventing illness. The vaccine acts as a booster that strengthens the immune response.

Dr Faryal from Nowshera says that immunization will give the best safeguard against the pandemic and we should all get inoculated at the earliest opportunity. “Waiting too long to be in any way immunized permits the coronavirus to keep spreading locally with new variants,” she added.

Vaccination is the only way to build immunity against the disease. We should keep wearing masks, cleaning our hands, guaranteeing great ventilation inside, staying away from the crowds. Being immunized doesn’t mean one should throw cautions to the breeze and put ourselves as well as other people in danger.


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