Ewaz Noor of Kaka Sahib
File Photo: Late Ewaz Noor can be seen behind the tree.

Khalida Niaz

PESHAWAR: After the tragic incident of sexual abuse and murder of little girl Ewaz Noor in Nowshera, the incidents of sexual violence have further increased in the district despite arrest and severe punishment to culprits.

Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Sajjad Ahmed said 15 cases of sexual abuse were reported in Nowshera in 2019, while six such cases have been reported in the first month of 2020. Not only Nowshera, other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have also witnessed increase in incidents of sexual assault which has caused discomfort among the parents about safety of their children.

Misuse of technology

Gulrez, a law student, said while talking to TNN that everyone has a smartphone nowadays and he/she can watch anything with available technology. He said the influx of porn videos easily available in mobile phones has played main role in spoiling the character of the youth.

Raza, a social activist, said cases of sexual abuse are being reported from different parts of the country routinely which is a cause of major concern for parents.

Sexual abusers easily target children

Gulrez said children are an easy target of abusers as they cannot protect themselves.

Raza said it is observed that victim children are too scared to reveal anything to their parents. He said this trend benefits the abusers and they continue the heinous practice of abusing innocent children. He said some parent treat their children so harshly that their children even don’t share the worst happening of their life with them. He said parents must adopt friendly behaviour with their children and give them confidence that they would be supportive under any circumstances.

Diyar, a schoolteacher, said some parents don’t tell their children about the dangers they could possible face until they reach the age of puberty. He said some youth indulge in indecent acts to fulfil their basic needs when parents deny them money.

Lack of sex education

Diyar told TNN that incidents of sexual violence can be reduced by imparting sex education to students.

“People in our society don’t see the sex education given to students in Australia and many other countries positively, but in fact it is a positive thing. Islamic books have also provided guidance about this issue, but no one pays attention to it,” he said.

Local journalist Zeeshan Kakakhel said parents must educate their children about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. He said abusers are also emboldened as in many cases the culprits escape punishment due to lack of pressing evidence or social pressure on victims. He said many cases of sexual abuse go unreported as victims remain silent due fear of being shamed in the society.

Sexual violence for revenge

Revenge is also a factor in sexual violence as was witnessed in the case of Ewaz Noor. SP Sajjad Ahmed said the culprit revealed during investigation that the uncle of the girl abused him thrice and he abused Ewaz Noor to avenge it. He said most of the culprits involved in such crimes are youths, but in some cases, the accused are aged as high as 55.

Gul Rez said the government only takes action on that cases which go viral on social media, while many unreported cases go unnoticed.

How to stop rape incidents?

A parliamentary committee in KP has recommended strict punishments for culprits involved in sexual abuse. The proposed punishments also include making audio and video of the hanging of culprits and then making it public. The committee recommended that the life imprisonment in rape cases will be till natural death of culprit and no concession will be available to such culprits. It further recommended that the names of sexual abuse culprits will be written in a special register, in Nadra record and on website and they will never be given job in any educational institution. Such culprits would be allowed to use such transport in which children travel. Those involved in child pornography will face up to 14 years imprisonment and Rs5 million fine. Culprits of child trafficking will face life imprisonment and fine up to Rs10 million.

The child rights activists say strict implementation of these recommendations along with strict monitoring of children by parents can ensure reduction in incidents of sexual violence.