Elders in Mohmand tribal district announced to vote against supporter of FATA-KP merger in next elections. Photo by Gul.M. Mohmand.

GHALANAI: A Jirga of elders in Mohmand agency has decided to boycott political parties and indpenent candidates who have supported FATA merger into KP and vowed to resist the process of merger at all cost. The Jirga was organized by Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam (JUI-F) in Ghalanai bazaar on Monday in which over 150 elders of Mohmand Agency participated.

They said that they had not been taken into confidence by the government over the issue of merging FATA into KP and therefore they would not let the government integrate tribal areas into neighboring KP province. If the government forced to implement FATA reforms, they would launch protest demonstration against it.

They asked the residents of Mohmand Agency to reject nominees of political parties who have advocated for FATA merger into KP in upcoming elections scheduled to be held on 25th of next month. The participants of the Jirga demanded of the government to ensure the construction of Kalabagh dam forthwith as Pakistan was to face water crisis in near future.

Elders in Mohmand tribal district held protest march against FATA-KP merger. Photo by Gul.M. Mohmand.

The head of JUI-F Mohmand district Muhammad Arif Haqqani, Malik Nadir Manan, Malik Sultan, Malaik Ayaaz, Ziarat Gul, Malik Ahmad and Malik Aurangzeb addressed the Jirga members.

Earlier they marched in in Ghalania bazaar on main road in protest against pro-merger political parties.

The participants of the Jirga announced to participate in MMA’s public gathering which is scheduled to be held in the afternoon in Hayatabad Peshawar.

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