North Waziristan MNA Mohsin Dawar. - A file photo

Sakeenullah Dawar

MIRANSHAH: Member National Assembly from North Waziristan tribal district Mohsin Dawar has announced reconstruction of the building of a government high school in Haiderkhel, Mir Ali sub division of the district.

TNN had published news about poor condition of the school building few days ago. Mohsin Dawar during his visit to the area has announced reconstruction of the school building to end the difficulties faced by the students. About 700 students are enrolled in the school, but the students remain under threat due to poor condition of the building.

Abdul Razzaq, a teacher at the school, had told TNN that while returning from the life of displacement, it was believed that the infrastructure will have been restored and life will be easier. However, he said, things were even worse than before. He had demanded the government to reconstruct the school building.

A number of schools in North Waziristan were damaged in North Waziristan during militancy and subsequent military operation Zarb-e-Azb which affected the education of the students.


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