PESHAWAR: President TransAction Alliance, an organisation working for the wellbeing and protection of transgender persons in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Farzana Jan has called upon Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Peshawar Qazi Jameelur Rehman to issue notification for establishment of committees for protection and investigation of their cases without further delay.

In a statement, Farzana Jan said the transgender persons were assured that a committee for protection of transgender persons headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (Operation) Javed Iqbal and another committee headed by SSP Investigation Nisar Khan for investigation of their cases have been constituted. She said no notification of these committee has been issued and these committees haven’t held any meeting so far. She said the transgender community after failing to get any response from the provincial government is now submitting its case in the Prime Minister’s Complaint Cell. Farzana lamented that the cases of transgender persons were not properly registered at police stations and investigation process is also not satisfactory due to which the culprits involved in crimes against transgender persons often escape punishment.

TransAction general secretary Arzoo Khan said no culprit involved in crimes against transgender person got punishment due to faulty investigation by police. To cite an example, she said in case someone opens fire on a transgender person in a case of attempted murder, the police write in the FIR that the accused opened fire to ‘scare’ the victim. In such a scenario, she said, the very nature of the case changes, and the culprit escapes unpunished.

Arzoo Khan said the SPP Operation had also assured that the previous FIRs filed by the transgender persons will also be scrutinised to determine lacunae in the investigation process and correct them, but that didn’t happen. She said transgender community is particularly facing harassment and other problems in Peshawar, Nowshera, Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu and Mardan, but police have never showed seriousness in resolving their problems.

“Whenever a case appears on the social media, policemen appear from somewhere and show efficiency by conducting press conferences, and then they forget about the case,” she lamented.

Arzoo said a law for the rights of transgender persons was passed last year and it is implementable in the whole country, but no institution has taken any considerable step for implementation of the law.


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