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Asim Khan

PESHAWAR: The change of life stages from a student to a professional life is not always very simple. Students have to face many challenges when they enter into professional life. They have to adjust themselves according to the professional environment by implementing their conceptual knowledge in the new world of practical life.

At the initial stage, students are willing to enter into the professional field to achieve something in life and especially a journalism student has a hope to become a professional journalist. When they are required to enter into the field, the first stage happens to be an internship to learn the basics of the field.

Now the question which arises in the mind regarding internships is why internships are so important? And why do students do internships? The answer to every question related to internship programs is that they are short-term workplace practical experience which provide opportunities to the students to enter the job market during and after their under graduation course programs. Because academic internships are a bridge to link the theory and practice by taking part in supervised and scheduled work.

Internship programs not only improve students’ personal skills but also polish their professional growth and experience. For students, internships are experience of practical work, and the other important thing is that students think that internship is leading to job. But the students now have an issue that they can’t get internships in media organisations. This is not only issue there is a question arising in student’s mind that “Why various media outlets are not giving internships to us?” and why are we suffering with this issue? Is media organization having pressure from some pressure groups or there is some favouritism at work? God forbid, if our spots are grabbed through favouritism then what will we do? There are a lot of questions, but no one knows the solution.

First of all, we should be aware that media have been facing a lot of crises due to which they fired their own employees. Downsizing happened in almost every media organization. Even they can’t give salaries to their own employees since a long time. It happened to media due to different issues as we can see that different persons who have not the degree of journalism and mass communication had started reporting and even have access to large media organisations. So these persons grab the spot of media students which must be the right of journalism students only. Such persons don’t know the ethics of journalism and don’t know how to present any report and how to run the media. This non-professionalism dented the people’s trust.

Another reason of media crisis is social media. On social media such persons report an issue in their own way in which they resort to character assassination of interviewer because there is not such privacy policy and rules of journalism for social media as in mainstream media. So when inappropriate things are published in a report then the reaction of public is very bad about media and public directly target media because such reporters pretend to be a professional media person. Such vested interests bring bad name for media, which in fact is the voice of the voiceless.

Social media must be brought under some regulatory regime to fix the issue. Media organizations should also promote professionalism by avoiding the influence of half-educated people and focus on professional and ethical training of journalists.


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  1. I agree with these issues.. we should motivate the students for professional development and enhance their personal skills, also delegate the tasks and always do good communication for their better future..

  2. AoA
    Sir im currently graduated from Abdulwali khan university mardan in journalism and mass communication.
    And i think its a well opportunity for me to be internee of TNN.
    Thank you


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