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WANA: Many women in merged tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have still not received coronavirus vaccination. The main reasons are difficulties in reaching the vaccination centres, rumours and lack of decision-making power with women about their health issues.

Jano, a woman from South Waziristan, said while talking to TNN that she did not receive corona vaccination because her family members don’t believe in the existence of the pandemic. She said the male members of her family consider coronavirus just a seasonal flue which has adopted a new shape.

Jano said the hospital with vaccination facility is far away from villages. She said many poor families cannot afford transport charges to reach hospital for vaccination.

Noor Bibi, another local woman, told TNN that she was not initially going to hospital for corona vaccination. However, later on, she had to go to hospital for another ailment and there she also utilised the vaccination facility during the same visit. She said the basic health unit (BHU) of Tangi area is virtually non-functional, while Ladha Hospital is also situated far away from her village. She said the villagers had to cover long distances on foot to reach hospital due to dilapidated condition of the road.

Noor Bibi said no vaccination team has visited her village so far to create awareness among the people about its importance.

Lady Health Worker in Shakai BHU Fatima said the health officials are facing difficulties in providing vaccination to women of Waziristan. She said many people believe in rumours about the disease, while in many cases, male members of family are not allowing women to undergo vaccination. She said most people in Waziristan, particularly the women, don’t have access to internet and media, so their awareness level about coronavirus vaccination is not great.

South Waziristan Additional District Health Officer Dr Abdullah Jan told TNN that four vaccination centres are functional in Mehsud belt of South Waziristan which will be increased to eight centres soon.

Dr Abdullah Jan said four persons died of coronavirus in South Waziristan during the last one and a half years. He said 528 corona patients have recovered in South Waziristan so far.


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