JAMRUD: Movements for merger of Fata has been expedited as pro-merger members National Assembly from Fata and anti-merger political parties arranging public gathering to drum up support in their favour.

The pro-merger MNAs and Grand Tribal Jirga on Saturday organised separate gathering.

The MNAs At a public gathering here asked the government to merge Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as it was essential for development of the tribal areas.

They demanded of the government to abolish Frontier Crimes Regulation without further delay and bring Fata into mainstream.

Addressing a public gathering here at Jamrud Sports Complex, MNAs Shah Gul Afridi, Nazir Khan and Senator Abdur Rahman said that time has come to bring Fata into mainstream.

They asked the tribal people to join them in their struggle to merge Fata with KP and vowed to continue their struggle till their demands were met.

They said that Fata could not be kept deprived of its rights anymore and asked the government to abolish the colonial era FCR.

The MNAs said that the government was again trying to deceive the tribal people, adding that it itself prepared the recommendations and was unwilling to implement it. A larger number of people were attended the gathering.

‘Make Fata a separate province’

Meanwhile, Fata Grand Jirga demanded of the government to make Fata a separate province and announced a movement to get their demand accepted.

The Jirga organized a conference here at Nishtar Hall where leaders of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, former ambassador Ayaz Wazir and tribal maliks.

The maliks said that they would lose their identity by merging Fata with KP, adding that tribal people have not given power of attorney to the Reforms Committee to decide their future.

They said that MNA Ghalib Khan lied that all MNAs were on same page political parties who have no representation in center were struggling for its merger.

They said that they demand a separate province with Jirga system to decide our disputes and abolition of FCR.