PESHAWAR: The family of Mudeer Khan, a resident of Kurram tribal district who allegedly died after receiving a bullet fired by police in Hayatabad Phase-III Peshawar, has announced that they have forgiven the killer.

Mudeer Khan’s family said he was hit by a bullet accidently, therefore, they don’t consider anyone to be involved in his death and forgive the killer.

Family members Malik Manan, Malik Tariq and Malik Gulzar told media that they have laid floral wreath at the grave of Mudeer Khan and policemen were also present there. They said Mudeer Khan died in an unfortunate accident and they don’t want to put his Shahadat (martyrdom) under debate. They said the family of Mudeer Khan has pardoned the killer, therefore, his death should not be politicised. He said anyone politicising the death of Mudeer Khan had no link with his family.

The family members said they don’t want enmity with police on the issue as it was an unfortunate accident. They said police fully cooperated with the victim family in the whole episode.

Mudeer Khan, who had returned from Dubai, was in Peshawar, Hayatabad Phase-III, on July 29 when he was allegedly hit by a bullet fired by policemen who were chasing gandamars (gandamars are small time smugglers who smuggle goods usually on bicycles).

Zabit Khan, a nephew of Mudeer Khan, had told TNN on July 30 that he will fight to get justice for his uncle as he was hit by a police bullet for no crime. He had alleged that police were trying to save their colleague who fired the bullet. He said police was putting the blame of opening fire on gandamars. Police was of the view that Mudeer Khan was hit by a bullet fired by gandamars and police has nothing to do with his death.

Zabit Khan said that the wife and daughter of Mudeer Khan were also present at the scene of the incident. He alleged that Mudeer Khan died due to a bullet fired by a policeman named Zahoor Rehman.

However, after announcement of pardon by the family members, the issue of Mudeer Khan’s murder is likely to end now.


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