ISLAMABAD, 21 September: Former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf on Thursday accused former president Asif Ali Zardari of being complicit in Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

This he said in statement posted to his party’s social media page where he claimed that Zardari had ‘the most to gain from it (her murder), in a bombshell statement posted to his party’s social media page.

“Asif Ali Zardari is responsible for the Bhutto family’s demise. He was involved in the deaths of Benazir and Murtaza Bhutto,” Musharraf said in a video posted to his official Facebook page.

Musarraf said that he was speaking out because he could not tolerate the fact that Zardari had recently directly accused him of being responsible for the murder. He said he wanted to directly address the three Bhutto-Zardari children, the Bhutto family and the people of Sindh.

“Every time there is a murder, the first thing that needs to be seen is who has the most to gain from the death,” he said, adding that in case of BB’s assassination, he (Musharraf) had everything to lose as he was in power and the murder put his government in a difficult situation.

“There was just one person who had everything to gain from Benazir’s assassination, and that was Asif Ali Zardari,” he continued, proceeding into what he termed as his ‘analysis’ of the case.