People from Muslim and Kailash communities in Chitral holding a meeting for reconciliation. – Photo by Gul Hammad Farooqi

CHITRAL, 26 June: A meeting was arranged in Swat to remove differences between the Muslims and Kailash community in Chitral on Saturday.

District Nazim Maghfirat Shah and officials of the local police station also attended the meeting. The district nazim said at the meeting that few days ago a Kailash girl Reena embraced Islam by her own free will but some people gave negative colour to it and used the issue to create differences between Muslims and Kailash community. He said although Reena clearly stated in a press conference that she embraced Islam according to her own choice but misunderstandings still remain between the two communities. He said the meeting has been called to remove these misunderstandings.

Other speakers said a number of people from Kailash community have embraced Islam in Rambor, Bamboriat and Barir valleys of Chitral. However, they said, no scene was created on that conversions and people in these areas are living with harmony and peace.

A committee comprising 10 members each from the Muslim and Kailash communities was formed on the occasion to ensure peace and harmony in the area. The committee will hold monthly meetings to ensure peace in the region.

Village council nazim Muhammad Rafi advocate was made chairman of the committee, while Imran Kailash was made vice chairman.

“The purpose of the meeting was to end misunderstandings between the Muslim and Kailash communities and to ensure that both communities live with peace and love as they did in the past,” a local elder told TNN.

Another elder said it was an important meeting were people from both communities vowed to end differences and live with peace.