NADRA Introduces Man-Pack Mobile service facility

PESHAWAR: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a new “Mobile Man-Pack Service” facility that will enable disabled and medically unfit people to create their National Identity Cards (NIC) at home.

According to a statement issued by the spokesperson NADRA, to fulfil Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promise to provide better and more facilities to the people of the country, NADRA has launched Mobile Man-Pack service to facilitate Sick and old age people of the country, said the statement quoting Chairman NADRA Usman Mubin issued on Sunday.

According to spokesperson NADRA, seriously ill, visually impaired, mentally ill, elderly and disabled persons will apply to NADRA for National Identity cards and “main pack” will be sent to their home which will complete all the application process after which their ID cards will be sent to their home address within the stipulated period.

The spokesperson added that though there are NADRA offices in every town of the country many people with disability, severe ill and old age people have simply no convenience of having an ID card because it is not possible for them to reach the nearest NADRA office. Senior citizens at NADRA Centers also face many difficulties in going through all the necessary steps due to rush.

The spokesperson said that special arrangements were directed by the Chairman NADRA for special persons which, in practice, NADRA has now introduced this innovative facility which allows not only people with disabilities, chronic illnesses or dementia to stay home.  Identity card can be created, but their families and relatives will also get rid of the problem in this regard.  Such persons may apply to all NADRA Regional, Zonal or Local Offices to benefit from this service.

The National Database and computer registration authority have already launched mobile van services that visit far-flung villages which have benefited women to get their ID cards made.