WANA: A nail-biting contest is expected on NA-49 South Waziristan as around 28 candidates are contesting elections on the constituency.

Each candidate is trying to reach and convince voters to vote them. Tribal News Network talked to voters who they will support and why.

Most of voters said that the candidates they are going to support are from their respective tribe though they had no service to their credit.

“Abdur Rahim remained a chief of my tribe therefore I will vote him. He will do everything for his area once he is elected,” said Amiruddin, a supporter of Abdur Rahim.

Similarly, Yaqoob Khan believes the election a futile exercise as those elected would alone enjoy the perks and privileges with no interest in development of the area. He said that he did not support any candidate and would not vote anyone.

“They deceive people by making tall claims before elections but once elected they only serve their personal interests,” he said.

He said that women did not take part in elections and advised them to stay away from elections and politics. He said that all development activities in the area were done by non-governmental organizations.

Yaqoob said that only Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto visited South Waziristan and done some developmental works.