PESHAWAR: Nanbais in Peshawar are observing complete strike due to increase in flour price and increase in prices of gas and electricity.

The citizens in the metropolis are facing difficulties due to strike by Nanbais and bread is not available. The Nanbai Association is demanding increase in the price of Roti (bread) in proportion to increase in the price of flour, electricity and gas. It says the price of 150-gram Roti must be increased from Rs10 to Rs15. The Nanbais say they will continue their strike till acceptance of their demands.

According to sources, the district administration had agreed to increase the price of 140-gram Roti to Rs12, but Nanbais refused this offer and started strike.

Citizens are facing a lot of difficulties due to unavailability of Roti in the market. They say the government has already increased prices of every item and now increase in Roti price will further burden them. Some of the citizens say Nanbais are totally justified in observing strike as they cannot afford to sell Roti on old prices. The ultimate result of the strike will be increase in Roti price, which means more burden on consumers.

Citizens say amid increasing taxes and price-hike it has become difficult for a common man to keep his body and soul together.

“It may be true that the former rulers looted the country and the country is in difficult situation, but what is the crime of citizens who always bear the brunt of difficult circumstances,” said a citizen while talking to TNN.

Another citizen said there is no increase in his income, but expenses have increased enormously due to sky-rocketing price hike.

“I work day in and day out to ensure a minimum quality life for my family, but the existing inflation has brought down my quality of living despite no fault of mine,” another citizen said, adding that increasing burden of prices may force the people to come on roads.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has withdrawn GST exemption on flour bags weighing more than 20 kilograms as due to which 17 percent GST will now be imposed on the 80-kg flour bag. Flour bags weighing up to 20 kilograms will remain exempted from GST.


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