Seema Sabah

Pakistan’s northern areas are famous in the world for its sky-high mountains, lush-green gorges, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes and amazing wildlife. No doubt, the natural beauty of Pakistan is unmatched.

I am going to share my experience of our two-day trip in Kaghan during which we planned to drive to Babusar Top and Lalusar Lake. It took two hours to get to Naran, however the roads were zigzag with sharp turns and driving through it was a tough job. The beautiful views and the serenity of scenes filled my soul with peace. The moment we reached Naran, I breathed in fresh cool breeze that gave me a refreshing feeling.

We stopped in Naran for 20 minutes to have a cup of tea. I glanced over the window of hotel we were sitting by, and saw the marvelous snow capped mountains. Though I am not a lover of tea, but it was soothing and relaxing, really enjoyed a cup of tea on the way through our dive.

We started our travelling once again towards our spot. During our journey, we witnessed millions of outpouring on our ways on each side of the road. We also witnessed numerous of waterfalls with distinguished pattern and beauty of their own.

Sometimes, waterfalls were spread on wide area, while others covered small area. These beautiful falls enhanced the beauty of that area, the tourists were grabbed towards it and they stopped to almost every second fall for capturing its beauty and quench their thirst with that freezing cold and pure mineral water.

The way to Lalusar Lake was all green, surrounded with high mountains, clouds floating in the sky along with bright sun and the fierce river in accompanied by huge masses of white cotton like glaciers which make it like a glimpse of Paradise.

The moment we drive up to Lalusar Lake, I was stunned by the view of lake. Enclosed by mountains, the emerald green water, blue surfs, clear bright blue sky, crystal clear water with reflection of mountains in it and freezing cold wind all presented a holy city. All this had a pleasant impact on me.

I met with tourists who came from different parts of the country and had travelled for continuous 20 hours. We enjoyed our lunch and then we moved around the lake to take some snapshots.