LONDON: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday asked the accountability court in Islamabad to delay announcing the judgment in the Avenfield reference till  his return.

Talking to reporters here, he said he wanted to hear the judgment while standing in the courtroom where he had endured more than 100 hearings with my daughter Maryam.

“Pakistan has had a history of reserving judgment unnecessarily for months, hence delaying the judgment in the Avenfield case for a few days would not violate any requisite of justice or law.

He said he would not run away like dictator while referring towards former dictator Musharraf, adding that he wanted to hear the verdict while standing in court.

“The mission I have taken up is not an easy one and I am ready to give any sacrifice for the sake of people’s right to rule and to honour their vote,” he said.

Sharif’s statement comes a day after the accountability court reserved its judgment in the Avenfield properties reference. The decision in the reference would be announced on Friday, July 6.