BANNU, 28 October:  A Non Government Organization(NGO) has set up a New Child Friendly Space (NCFS) for education and recreation of displaced children from North Waziristan Agency in Vocational College Bannu.

According to the website of Centre of Excellence for Rural Development (CERD) the space has been established with the support of  UNWFP in ration distribution point. It aims to provide opportunities for those children who accompany  their parents to the food distribution points, to play in friendly environment and engage them in recreational activities, games, informal learning and reading etc.

TNN reporter Gohar Wazir visited the center where he found a number of children busy in painting and drawing. One of the children told him about the facility ” When we come here the instructors give us food and sports kits”. Another  child said ” I have drawn and painted this apple, flag and hen over here in the center.

Zainaib working in the NCFS as instructor said that the engagement of children in the facility would have  positive impact on their mental growth in future.


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