CHITRAL: National Highway Authority (NHA) has launched carpeting of the road leading to Government Girls Degree Chitral.

The potholed road was in dire need of repairs and causing troubles for motorists as well as hundreds of female students of Government Girls Degree. Almost all the students of the college used this road for their daily commute to college.

The road links Chew Bridge and Juhgur village, saving motorists from travelling through usually clogged traffic arteries of Chitral town.

Local community has expressed their joy over the carpeting of the road. Ziauddin, a trader who runs a business on the road said that it was in really bad shape.

He said that the road it also caused great trouble for the students of Girls College. Mr Zia said often rain water accumulated on the road and caused trouble to the students.

He said that they were really happy that the repair work on the road has started.

Syed Jamaluddin Shah, who runs a private hostel on the same road, was of the view that the repairs would save the travelers of huge trouble.

Sonia Bibi, a college student said that they got their clothes dirty due to mud and dust accumulated on the road. He said that the repairs work would make their commute to college easier.

Ameeruddin, manager of the construction company working on the project said that they would ensure quality work on the road.

He said that they would work to alleviate public problems.

Construction work on the project is likely to reduced traffic load on Chitral Bazaar Road and Bypass Road by 70 per cent per day. The reduction of heavy traffic from Chitral city would also bring down number of accidents.



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