A destroyed areas of the MSF hospital, in Kunduz, Afghanistan is visible 03 October 2015 at first light, the morning after the facility was hit by sustained bombing

PESHAWAR, 3 October: At least 12  staff members of Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF ) and seven patients including three children were killed while 37 sustained injuries in suspected US airstrikes on a hospital in Kunduz City of Afghanistan, the organization said in a media statement on Saturday.

It said despite information about the hospital were shared with  US forces, the facility was bombarded by US planes  for more than 30 minutes that killed 12 of their staff members and seven patients including three children.

The MSF said  some 105 patients and their caregivers, as well as more than 80 international and local MSF staff were in the hospital at the time of the bombing. Earlier this week, Kunduz province was captured by Afghan Taliban. However, Afghan army backed by Nato and US ground and air forces recaptured Kunduz city from Taliban. Now fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces has spread to the neighboring Baghlan, Takhar and Badakhshan provinces where Taliban has captured some areas.

Meanwhile Afghan forces claimed that in a joint operation with Nato forces they have killed 24 IS fighters in Acheen district of eastern Ningrahar province. They also claimed to have recaptured some of the positions from IS. However these claims could not be verified independently.

—-complied from media reports


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