PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government spokesman Ajmal Wazir said on Friday that there was not clash of powers between the KP governor and chief minister.

Addressing a press conference at the Chief Minister House, Ajmal Wazir said Imran Khan is first prime minister of the country who visited Ghulam Khan check post and Mehmood Khan is the first chief minister who visited the tribal districts and Pak-Afghan border. He said the KP government has made a schedule for the next six months for the visits of the provincial ministers to the tribal districts which has been sent to the chief minister. He said one minister will be present in the tribal districts during five days of every week.

The spokesman said the chief minister while heading a meeting has directed improvement of condition of hospitals in the tribal districts within a month. He said doctors will be appointed on contract and ad hoc basis to fill the vacancies at the hospitals. He said similar steps will also be taken in the education department. He said the shortage of doctors and medicines at the government hospitals will be addressed on emergency basis.

Ajmal Wazir said the Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) has been extended to the tribal districts. He said preference will be given to local people while filling vacancies in the tribal districts. He said relaxation will be given to the candidates of the tribal districts in terms of age and educational qualification. However, he made it clear that those officials who are not performing their duties honestly and taking their salaries at home will be sacked.

The spokesman said sports activities will be organised in the tribal districts from 10 February and solar panels will be installed in 300 mosques. He said the tribal youth will also be offered interest-free loans.

Ajmal Wazir said the laws of KP will be extended to the tribal districts through an ordinance for which all preparations have been made. He said this was necessary because of legal vacuum created in the tribal districts after abolishment of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR).

The spokesman said Sindh and Balochistan governments have some reservations over the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award and the tribal people have reservations over the population census results.

He said the Bus Rapid Transit Project of Peshawar faced delays due to changes in the design. He said the project will be inaugurated on 23 March.


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