BARA, September 18: Hundreds of students at Government Middle School Gandao are forced to drink contaminated water, stay thirsty or bring water bottles from home as they don’t have any access to clean drinking water.

Teachers at the schools told Tribal News Network that students may suffer severe health complications due to inaccessibility to clean drinking.

“Whether they drink contaminated water or stay thirsty, in both cases they may different diseases to them,” commented head master of the school Muhammad Irfan.

The students are asked to bring water bottles from home but most students either forget or don’t have bottles at home.

Teachers said that inaccessibility have been affecting their studies and demanded of the political administration to install a tube-well at the school or nearby locality.

“It would not only provide clean drinking water to the school but it serve the locality who have been facing water shortage since long,” said Muhammad Ghani, a local resident.

Irfan said that Pak army supply water in tanker but it was not sufficient to fulfill school’s need.

Teachers, students and parents demanded of the political administration to resolve the problems on permanent basis. Concerned authorities at Fata Secretariat said that the problem could be solved after fund was approved in the annual development programme.