Abdul Qayyum Afridi

Health department officials are trying to speed up the Covid-19 vaccination in the face of spread of Omicron variant in the province.

In this bid to control the spread of the virus, lady health visitors are going door to door to vaccinate people. However, these workers said that they face several issues during the vaccination.

Noor Jehan, a health worker at the basic health unit in Faqir Killay area of Peshawar. In a panel discussion in TNN’s show “Life and Pandemic” she said that going out of home was big challenge for a woman in Pashtun society.

Ms Jehan said that she faces problems due to negativity from general public upon going to field to vaccinate people.

She said that she goes to villages other than her own and vaccinates women and men in hujras.

“People often do not recognize us and try to tease us on the way, “she said.  Ms Jehan said that if their families come to know about these issues, then they would make it difficult for them to go out.

On the other, Ms Jehan works as contractual employee and is paid Rs 25,000 as salary. However, she said that the amount was too little.

Besides, she said that they do not get their salary regularly, which causes problems for them.

She said that those working to contain pandemics are paid special allowance; however, she was not paid the amount for past two years.

Dr Fozia, who oversees Faqir Killay BHU, said that she raised health workers issue in health department meeting some days back.

She said that health workers were facing many issues.

The doctor said that these work more than their duty timings and she has talked to officials to increase their remuneration.

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