Tariq Aziz

PESHAWAR: No nation can make progress and development without education that is why developing countries like Pakistan are focussing more on education, particularly on female literacy rate.

However, the situation is no very encouraging in Shangla, the birthplace of Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Most of the girls in the district don’t have the facility of a primary school due to which the female literacy rate is very low. Malala Yousafzai also hails from the same region, but this isn’t enough to improve the state of affairs and the fate of girls remains unchanged.

Keri village, which lacks any girls school, is situated 30 kilometres away from the district headquarters Alpuri and 10 kilometres from tehsil headquarters Bisham. Most of the people from this area work in Saudi Arabia and Dubai and are contributing to the national development by sending remittances.

Although there is a primary and middle school for boys in the village having 2,000 population, but there is no girls school. The girls of the village attend their classes with boys till fifth grade, but after that they leave education.

Afshan, a fifth grade female student of a private school, said while talking to TNN that she wants to get higher education, but it seems very difficult due to prevailing circumstances. She said her sisters also quit education after fifth grade as there is no school for girls in the area.

When the administration of the private school was contacted and asked why they are not starting middle and high classes in their school, they said they cannot do so because of resources constraints.

As a result of these problems, the girls of the village are deprived of education even in this modern era. Every year about 50 to 60 girls get education up to fifth grade and then they leave education due to lack of schools.

The area people said their girls are talented and have passion to get education. However, they said, their talent is being wasted as they have no facility to continue their education. They demanded the government to establish girls school in the village without delay.


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