A tribal elder displaced from North Waziristan in Bannu talking to TNN. - Photo by Gohar Wazir

BANNU, 10 December: Most of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan Agency residing in camps in Bannu are deprived of basic facilities due to which they are facing immense hardships.

The IDPs living in various areas of Bannu said they had not been given anything from the aid received in their name from the humanitarian agencies. They alleged that most of the displaced people remain deprived of aid which is being distributed among some favourite families.

They demanded the government to end favouritism and other illegal practices in distribution of aid and ensure distribution of aid among all the affected people on equal basis. They said strict action should be taken against people involved in illegal practices in distribution of relief goods.

A tribal elder told TNN that he got nothing when cows were being distributed among the affected people two days ago. “Many people who were not even present in the area during displacement got assistance and the deserving people remained deprived. We want nothing but justice in distribution of aid,” he said.

Another tribal elder complained that he did not get hand pump, quilts or any other relief item.


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