Displaced tribesmen protesting against delay in repatriation process. - Photo by Hanif Khan

BANNU, 1 June: The Internally displaced persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan Agency in Bannu have staged a protest demonstration against slow process of their repatriation to their native areas.

The protesters at Bannu-Peshawar Road said the repatriation process begun a month ago but only 1,200 families have returned to their homes so far. They said thousands of displaced families from North Waziristan had been forced to live in camps in extreme hot weather.

“The administration claims that 95 percent areas of North Waziristan are clear. They should now send us to our areas with honour,” a protester told TNN.

“We will continue our protest on this road even if it takes three months or more. Our protest will continue till our repatriation to Waziristan,” another protester said.


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