North Waziristan TDPs protest against non-payment of cash assistance

PESHAWAR, 17 March: The temporarily displaced persons (TDPs) of North Waziristan Agency on Friday held a protest demonstration against the Fata Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) and political administration for non-payment of monthly financial assistance to displaced families.
The tribesmen of Khudarkhel tribe and tribal students’ organization gathered outside Peshawar press club and chanted slogans against the FDMA authorities and the local political administration. The protest was led by Malak Adam Khan, Malak Daraz and Qabil Zaman and was attended by students of Waziristan Students Federation in large number.
The protesters said that they were living in miserable conditions in different camps, but the concerned authorities ignored their plight. They complained that FDMA has blocked mobile SIMs for compensation amount of 1500 displaced families. They said that the government should work out a mechanism to provide them food items and cash assistance so they could feed their families. They said they had no money to buy food items and other necessities of life.
The protesters said that the Fata Disaster Management Authority has said that the political administration has provided a list of Khudarkhel tribesmen to block their SIMs. They demanded of the government to unblock the SIMs of Khudarkhel tribesmen and also announce schedule for repatriation of Khudarkhel displaced families. They also warned to stage protest in front of FDMA office if their demands were not fulfilled.
A tribal elder Qabil Zaman told TNN in this regard that they would go to any extend for their rights.

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